Thursday, October 11, 2012

Coping With Psoriasis 'Virtually' --

The Dermatology Nurses' Association (DNA) will host a Virtual Psoriasis Symposium on Saturday, Nov. 10.  This event offers a unique educational format for dermatology and primary care nurses as well as nurse practitioners who treat patients with psoriasis.
An estimated 7.5 million Americans are affected by psoriasis. This educational event is designed to provide a better understanding of the condition as well as techniques for treating patients who have it.
While earning continuing education credits, you can gain a comprehensive overview of psoriasis. Registration will be open right up until the day of the event.
Joining the Psoriasis Symposium will help you gain understanding of the epidemiology and pathophysiology behind psoriasis, why it's "more than skin deep," the comorbidities and risk factors and treatment options, including which options best suit your particular psoriasis patients.
Patients tend to have difficulty dealing with psoriasis. During the session, you will learn how to assist them in coping with and overcoming this chronic autoimmune disease.
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