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Ishika Mohan
Life comes with its own flavours. The taste of success is always inspirational. It for some becomes a medium of aura creation and personal might, and for some it becomes a driver to achieve newer goals.
Dr. Nitin Chaube presents one such story, for whom time and success have been drivers. His tryst with destiny has continued since his early college days. Never a student of vernacular medium, he entered an ayurvedic medical college witb a background enforced with english. It is said that, you do well in certain proffessions if you have a family history. That was the first odd. With no one as a medical proffessional and no guidance and above all adding salt to wounds was a career he chose - alternative medicine.
Alternative medicine in India presents a career with a lot of misapprehensions, misgivings and a certain sense of pity glaced in a presentation of auroric falasy. This was the second odd.
His proffessional career began with SHREE BAIDYANATH AYURVED BHAWAN, NAINI, ALLAHABAD even while he was studying in his final year and on a high of catering to their exports in the US in 2004.
In pursuit of better avenues he moved to delhi in 2005 and started looking for opportunities for practice and pharma industry, but the odd's of sustaining a livelihood weighed on him and he began a career with the outsourcing industry across AMERICAN EXPRESS & WNS GLOBAL SERVICES. He was not to be cowed down and so came up with his website -- in 2006.8
This gave him the first taste of a personal medical success where he developed himself into an online consultant. Much like telemedicine, this involves listening to patients in voice, assessing reports in mail, chatting long hours on messenger, taking every fine detail and continuously analysing what are the possible causes. Remember physically the patient is not present.
He came across ailments like MOTOR NEURON DISEASE, PULMONARY FIBROSIS, INTERSTITIAL LUNG DISEASE, BURST FRACTURES HAVING BEEN OPERATED WITH RESIDUAL PARALYSIS, GERIATRIC DEMYLINATING NEUROPATHY WITH PARALYTIC STROKE etc. Some of these were terminal and some permanently disabling. The available options were either ease the discomfort and ease the pain towards death or relief from the disability. The question faced was how much and how easy? While in terminal illnesses he made it easy, for those wih disabilities it was always more than expected. When asked he says he owes it all to his patients, their cooperation and effort, but is that only how it is?
Probably there is more to it, and that is the trust that his voice builds, his honesty and his devotion, that develops amongst his patients.
2009 came with another shock for him and pushed him against the wall. Recession forced him to quit his job, quit delhi, and with loans on his shoulders, lost savings and a big question what next, he landed on the soil of SINGRAULI, a small damsel of a town in the state of MADHYA PRADESH; a hub for coal mining and power which became his shelter.
As he stepped on the soil with an idea of a short vacation and then move out in search of another job, he realised possibilities of another opportunity. Still faced with the same social odds which become more dominating in a semiliterate, labour influenced environment, he began his regular practice.
Somewhere the sleeping entrepreneur had woken up. While he struggled with his loans, a new life much different from that of a metro a new journey had begun. It slowly was taking shape. In the meantime he also shared a stint of three and a half years with a public sector company on an adhoc assignment, and standing tall against proffessional business hostilities, backed by his nature of assignment and honest to the cause he catapulted himself on to the international stage, delivering lectures at international conferences in INDIA (RAJKOT, BANGALORE, HYDERABAD) to internationally at BEIJING. He holds invitations to various such opportunities today globally. All this was a first for someone in SINGRAULI and gave him a new identity. Today his name appears in google's searches with respect to ayurveda on various topics where he has sounded his clear views.
In 2014 he took another challenging decision, not to continue further with the public sector. The next is what followed.
He established a private limited company, PRAYUSH HOSPITAL PRIVATE LIMITED. He says - " health is of the people, for the people and by the people. Prayush means love for life of others and thats why prayush hospital stands for the people and their health. We want to give healthcare honestly the meaning of care."
There many and big questions stand out. What? How? How different? What exclusivity?
All answers lie in one word - "people"
Prayush hospital looks to present a diversified range of services, servicing both the masses and the classes. To achieve this we plan clinics and hospitals such that we can service the remotest possible, and for classes we plan special lifestyle units, bringing a different engagement level of personalised care - more of a concept clinic.
He still remains frugal in his approach. Despite having achieved international acclaim in a short span, he still dwells in a rented house and drives a small car. His vision stems from the people because he believes in them and believes he is one amongst them. Standing against all odd's , with a vision for the people, but yes to do business and definitely earn profits from it, he seeks to reach his qoals faster.
This is what he asks -

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When medical practice is limited by illiterates and quacks?


A word quite common. So common that it has been abused against even qualified practitioners.

India is a country where things seem quite simple.

Pharmacists -
passing out every year in thousands.
Job opportunities very few
Option open a medical store, become a medical rep
What do they do?
Few open medical stores
Few become reps
And few amongst the second and otherwise rent their licenses to allow unqualified people to run retail and whole sale medicak stores.
Licensing authorities permit since the papers are valid and attached.
The unqualified fellow runs his own clinic at the behest of the medical store.
What does a qualified medical practitioner need to do now?
Either he engages in toutsmanship, or surrender to the temptations of these medical units because of it is rural india these fellows become demi-gods and in the name of doing good, they tell people -
Why go to doctor -
We will give you same medicines, get the patient investigated, even write prescriptions, sell heavily priced generics, save the doctors fee and above all and experts eye and earn on major margins. If the doctor is supportive even then they do so and if not, they definitely do so. They even address iv fluids and even minor incisions etc.

Similar is the lab technicians who are not qualified pathologists!

Can someone please tell me what should a practicing physician do in such cases?
How can he save himself from temptations of uncouth practices?
Who is to check these abominable practices?
Someone has to answer!

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PUTRAJEEVAK -- a plant that is helpful in female infertility

This plant seems controversial by its name,. Thats what you call ill informed literacy = illiteracy
The name is for a plant which has been known to have certain properties which can help in cases of infertiliy. The name is an age old name and classically adopted in its botanical nomenclature as well. Its seeds support the aphrodisiac and gynaecological properties and hence are used in infertiliy.
There is no reference classically or laboratory to suggest that it can cause genetic changes or prefferential genetic functions resulting in male zygots.
As far as the name of the medicine is considered it is a classical generic name coming from the name of the source and combining a possible function, however not signifying any specific gender functions.

PUTRAJEEVAK BEEJ!Interesting controversial name, but probably more important social function
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