Tuesday, January 17, 2017



 This gives me immence happiness when i share this success story.
Today following 3 years of efforts my patient delivered a healthy baby boy at vishakhapatnam.
What makes this special ia because -
1) the female had severe thyroid issues and weight issues and other complications owing to which conception was not coming easy
2) they had been through psychological trauma owing to sudden passing away of their first child a few years back
3) she had all classical issues associated with secondary infrtility impacting as vata predominances
4) the male has a gender identity disorder and is on hrt
5) because of him being on hrt various issues physiological, psychological and physical also posed barriers.

Conception was achieved normally and a caesar section today brought their fruit of love to the world.
I feel happy with this case!
Special features of this case included management of vata, raja and tama conditions.
Why this is more special is like most of my success stories this one too was on remote without seeing the patient physically. Only messenger and phone discussions.
**Due to privacy concerns i am not sharing the names of the couple**
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