Tuesday, May 05, 2015

When medical practice is limited by illiterates and quacks?


A word quite common. So common that it has been abused against even qualified practitioners.

India is a country where things seem quite simple.

Pharmacists -
passing out every year in thousands.
Job opportunities very few
Option open a medical store, become a medical rep
What do they do?
Few open medical stores
Few become reps
And few amongst the second and otherwise rent their licenses to allow unqualified people to run retail and whole sale medicak stores.
Licensing authorities permit since the papers are valid and attached.
The unqualified fellow runs his own clinic at the behest of the medical store.
What does a qualified medical practitioner need to do now?
Either he engages in toutsmanship, or surrender to the temptations of these medical units because of it is rural india these fellows become demi-gods and in the name of doing good, they tell people -
Why go to doctor -
We will give you same medicines, get the patient investigated, even write prescriptions, sell heavily priced generics, save the doctors fee and above all and experts eye and earn on major margins. If the doctor is supportive even then they do so and if not, they definitely do so. They even address iv fluids and even minor incisions etc.

Similar is the lab technicians who are not qualified pathologists!

Can someone please tell me what should a practicing physician do in such cases?
How can he save himself from temptations of uncouth practices?
Who is to check these abominable practices?
Someone has to answer!

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