Saturday, May 02, 2015

PUTRAJEEVAK -- a plant that is helpful in female infertility

This plant seems controversial by its name,. Thats what you call ill informed literacy = illiteracy
The name is for a plant which has been known to have certain properties which can help in cases of infertiliy. The name is an age old name and classically adopted in its botanical nomenclature as well. Its seeds support the aphrodisiac and gynaecological properties and hence are used in infertiliy.
There is no reference classically or laboratory to suggest that it can cause genetic changes or prefferential genetic functions resulting in male zygots.
As far as the name of the medicine is considered it is a classical generic name coming from the name of the source and combining a possible function, however not signifying any specific gender functions.

PUTRAJEEVAK BEEJ!Interesting controversial name, but probably more important social function
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