Monday, October 31, 2005

lets grow

Dear friends,

it is heartening to see so many of you vivist this blog. I would be glad enough to recieve your maisl and also your comments.

The recent move to standardise Ayurvedic medicines taken by the Govt. of India is certainly one which needs support from the industry as also from teh people who use ayurveda.

Standardisation will not only grant a new impetus to the science but also help it grow.

Friends, i believe in this new mould of praactice - onlien consultation which extends detailed advise to you on your disease and also therefore all the safety safety aspects associated.

I seek to have your commenets and maisl on all this and other developents in Ayurveda as also invite you to post your google ad links you have any here for promoting your buisness.

Expecting your comments soon,

Nitin Chaube


Dr kishore kumar said...

Dear Dr Nithin,
consolidation of existing resources,Effective Presentation to the modern world,Research and developement (in The right direction),done with an open mind as has been said in rigveda äno bhadrä kritavo yantu vishvataha (let noble thoughts come from all sides)
Kishore kumar

nitin chaube said...

Thank you very much for your keen inputs sir. I believe you can be a part of my mission to take Ayurveda across the frontiers of ignorance and misrepresentation.