Saturday, May 20, 2017

LECTURE SERIES STARTING JUNE 2017.....................

Planning to start a lecture series on a weekly basis starting June 2017, on oedema an ayurvedic perspective from a prakrutik stand point, which will cover following organ systems -
1) Generalised perspective on Oedema
2) What is Cardiac Oedema?
3) What is Pulmonary Oedema?
4) What is the relevance of Oedema to anasarca?
5) Cerebral Oedema
6) Trauma and oedema at the site of trauma?
7) Importance of tissue based microoedema
8) Basic principle of management of Oedema in Ayurveda
9) How is drainage different from medicinal reduction of oedema and what stands better and where?
10) Conclusionary Q&A based on readers feedback

Those interested are requested to share their e-mail addresses so they can be sent abstracts directly. Detailed versions shall be provided on paid basis and may be purchased online soon from the facebook store once the lecture is delivered.
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