Saturday, May 20, 2017


The news of two successful uterus transplants (ut) at Pune, goes a long way in Indian medical history.

Many of you may question its relevance to an Ayurvedic blog and why this discussion here.

Ayurveda is world over known to be the first science to pioneer plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Transplants are in a way an extension of the science.

The observations made after and before the procedure in restoring microvasculature and environment follow Ayurvedic principles of prakrui which is very natural.

The provision for hydration through blood supply is for a kaphaj environment which promotes growth and tissue proliferation, reduces atrophy and necrotization and also helps in assimilation of the transplant into the body's own system. It is in a lay man's term just like farming of paddy where you transplant a shoot from one place to another and there again you have to have a bed ready and then in a short course restore hydration for the crop to grow and restore.

The beauty of Ayurved lies in these comparatives which can be drawn from natural acts and processes that happen or we perform in support of nature.
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